About Us


Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide excellent services while adapting in every unique needs of our clients. We believe that all of our clients are special and deserve to feel like they are V.I.P! We communicate openly with clients to reach an understanding of their needs. We're dedicated to high standards of excellence and professionalism. 

Our Firm

AWS Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc. (Accounting offices of Valero & Smith) is a company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our company is a professional and respectable company that has served demanding clients in the field of Tax Preparation, Corporate Accounting and Bookkeeping since the year 2003. Our staff is composed of experienced CPA, Tax Preparer, Accountants, and Full Charge Bookkeepers. We have a remarkable range of talent and expertise varying from simple to complex financial and Tax related issues. 

We believe that our combined knowledge and experience will achieve remarkable results for all of our clients. 

How It Started

 Founded by Loretta Valero-Smith and Jay A Smith in 2003, Loretta followed the constant demand for her services to fix reporting issues for medium and small size companies as well as individuals engaged in sophisticated business practices. Loretta has served as Accountant for various companies including Cadbury Beverages Latin America (Canada Dry). When Canada Dry moved to Mexico, Loretta began working for companies with difficult accounting problems and helped develop and master expertise in solving their complex accounting issues. Due to her success in solving these issues, word eventually spread among other companies and CPA firms serving the Palm Beach Market. Ever since, Loretta has been known to reconstruct the Corporate bookkeeping and accounting of the companies with poor or non-existent bookkeeping for years. Jay A Smith has a degree in Bachelor's of Finance and has been a partner for 10 years.